Nesting of the Eagles

The Adventure of the build of 4 of Leonard Milholland's Eagle designs. 
Leonard Milholland now in his 80's has the spunk and energy, to combine good ideas and concepts, to design some very fun, and popular designs.  Our Family's first trip to Oshkosh started very disappointing, having 2 kids chomping at the bit to build something. . . Anything!  Design after Design I had to relate how the cost they would need, was far beyond my personal worth!  One ultralight kit design, I considered for them, even with the engine, "thrown in free" was still $25,000!  You can buy a Cessna 140, AND pay for instruction to get your full license! 

   Feeling almost defeated, we happened across a silver winged design, in the Ultralight section way to the south of Wittman field.  With hesitation, we asked the proud parent of this plane, Many questions.  Obvious likes were the 1/2 VW four cycle engine, spruce wing, and good ole 4130 steel welded fuselage!  most importantly. . . . he invested nearly 1/8th that of our nearest previous consideration!

This site is to chronicle in word and image, the growth of these airplanes in our household.  An XL for each of my 2 kids, with an additional one for a friend, who was quickly reeled in along with us.  For me, the Double Eagle to allow me to give them a good checkout in something that will fly much like the XL's that they soon with fly the coop in on their own. 
Our goal.  To take the 4 airplanes on a trip together to Oshkosh!  Lets begin.

3 XL's that are being built by my 2 boys, and a friend, Curtis H.  

Designer Leonard Milholland with his new (2009) Legal Eagle XL, a ultralight for the heavy pilot (275 Lbs) with a wide wing and wide seat!

Click here for pictures of the XL builds

     The Double Eagle for myself. 

Click here for pictures and description of the DE build

     This will allow the kids to fly the single seat XL's without a license, and I'll be able to check out the others in the DE that will have similar characteristics to make them comfy when first flying their birds.  Ultimate goal.  Oshkosh!!  It will be a slow process, but we hope to fly them all there ASAP! 

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