Aircraft Nav Light systems with cutting edge LED Technology

    Mr. Thiesen of Germany has developed these LED (light emitting diode) Lights that are artfully molded into modern epoxy resins, and colored for the application. They open many new possibilities for lighting on lighter aircraft such as Ultra-Light, experimental, and the new LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) categories, without placing a huge demand on the often smaller electrical systems You will be amazed with the amount of light produced from what we used to squint to see in a cheap LED watch. This Technology has come a LONG way, but still using a fraction the power requirements of standard aircraft lighting systems! Power consumption for the 3 NAV lights, you are looking at a total of 12 watts! Weight of the three lights comes in just over 7 ounces! .

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     Contained within the light is controlling software that flashes the lights, and protects them from heat build up. Heat, though will never be a problem in aircraft use with the normal airflow, is controlled by reducing the intensity of the light. Once cooling airflow is received, the light will return to full intensity. You will be amazed by the workmanship, and the amount of light coming from these devices. Click on the links to view a PDF File, containing instructions for their wiring, and circuit requirements. .

     These lights are produced in Germany by Thiesen Electronics GMBH. Mr. Thiesen is an aviation enthusiast of many years. His company, designs and builds many different Software and hardware devices and applications in a wide realm of fields. His latest Lighting devices are a LED Landing light, (YES Very Bright, and provides anti collision alternate flashing as well) and a new beacon that meets all FAA Brightness requirements for Night flight. They are in such demand in Europe by aircraft Manufacturers, that they will not be available to the US Market until March.

      I am the only importer for the North American Region of these very capable light systems. Though I presently have no show room, feel free to contact me using my profile page, and I will assist you in any way possible.

     This website provides you with the opportunity to learn about, and purchase these light directly from the importer for the North American Region.  All purchase are shipped UPS Unless you request different arrangements.  I am not set up to have a "show room" but if you are in my area I would be glad to demonstrate them, and sell them to you.  TX residents will have to pay sales tax. 

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Now Introducing Two New Products! 



The ACL III is a replacement for the ACL II below.  Light intensity is between 2 and three times brighter than the original ACL II. 
Designed for the Experimental aircraft, or even for high visiblity uses, for buildings ore towers. 
These are Very Bright, and should not be stared at at close range, day or night.

Introduced at $448.


This is the new ERB-H! 

This is the exact same light as the original ERB below, but with a mounting flange that allows direct replacement of the lens on a whelen strobe as shown above.  Like all our light systems, no power required but the positive and negative wires from your electrical system.



Electronic Rotating Beacon!

     This exciting new light is created to meet all the modern FAA standards for Night flight!  Still considered for only EXPERIMENTAL (ultralight, and experimental LSA) aircraft, this light is so bright you don't want to be staring at it.  It will damage your eyes!  With the required 400+ candlbars, you will be visible for miles. 

Click here for more information about the ERB
ERB Retail Purchase Price $522.00

Electronic Landing Light!

  Yes, as hard as it is to believe, a Diode Based Landing light!  Not only does this provide a massive amount of light for night flight, but has an incredible anti collision function as well.  This light is mounted and wired with two switches.  One for the white landing light, and the second switch will bring on a alternating flashing red lights.  Just a flashing white landing light as some are now producing is of course helpful, but this ELL is a real attention getter!

Click here for more information about the ELL

ELL Retail Purchase Price $511.00

Mounting Cup for ELL, to allow easy installation onto your project and assures proper airflow for light cooling.



The Original GenniPod Wind generator!

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New Updated Look!


Click here for More information on these Nav Lights
Electronic Position Light Retail Price  $331.00

Click here for more information on this white Tail Light
EPL Tail Light Retail  $210.00

Click here for more information on this Anti Collision Beacon
EPL Anti Collision - II Retail $448.00

Purchase a full set of 4 Lights, 2 Nav Lights, 1 Tail Light, and the NEW FAA Night Legal ERB!!
Retail Price $1013.00

New Ipad designed for my own use, but people want them!

Okay then!

This Fits the 737 NG clip board in the side window. With the Ipad in the horizontal position

the aircraft sunshade can still be used, unlike the RAM mount.

Intro priced at 20.00

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